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Progress Report

Heyas. This is Wavemaker... I'm going to be in charge of this project now, for the forseeable future. Here's what'll be happening:

1. First, I'm renaming the mush 'Exaltation', from the name of the original mission church around which the city was built -- the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The name will also be a bit ironic *grin*, as the missionizing effort was.. well, a flop.)

However, there doesn't seem to be a way to rename an LJ community, so I will have to either a) Keep the name of this community the same, or b) delete it and start a new one, which would mean everyone on it would have to rejoin. It only takes a couple of clicks, but I'd still rather not put anyone to the inconvenience if they don't want to. So, if you want the new name here on LJ, let me know.

2. In the next couple days, I'll be sending for the ORC license as well as a few tools I'll need to build the mush.. some IN books, and a detailed map of the SC area. I have to get these things by SNAIL MAIL, so please be patient. ;) Once the ORC license is taken care of, RP can (legally!) resume on the grid.

3. Once I have the ORC license, I'm going to advertise on OGR for people to help with coding and construction. My eventual plan is to get a free telnet site from iflipout.com or another free provider, and move the mush there.

4. My first priority will be finishing the grid. The mush will be open for RP in the meantime, and when it's ready to move to the new site, what's already built will be ported over.

More to be posted soon.
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