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SC's Sin District!

Currently, I've been researching the 'red light' areas in Santa Cruz. There are two.. Barson Street, in the River Flats area, and Beach Flats in the city's south, a neighborhood almost uniformly described as 'seedy'. It's a favorite vacation spot for Servitors of Lust, Drugs, and Death, and one of the few places in town where Malphans might feel comfortable, not only as the site of conflicts between rival drug gangs but of controversy for the city as a whole.

Beach Flats is adjacent to one of the rooms already on the grid, so I'm going to put in two rooms in that area, then continue on to the beach and waterfront. It's crossing my mind now that I may not be able to fit in all the rooms I'd like while on the Saminga site, so I may have to hold off on some of them until we get our own site.

On other developments: My request for the ORC license will be put in the mail tonight. But, don't take your panties off yet. I just sent in an SASE, and SJgames will have to send me the actual documents, which I will then sign and send back to them, and then they'll send the final copy back to me. All by US Snail Express! So, it'll probably take a couple weeks or so for everything to get shuffled back and forth. But, never fear, once the license is registered in their office, we can start RP again. :)
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