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Well, still no ORC license yet. It may be delayed even longer, because.... err, because I may not have put enough postage on my SASE. *blushes* Hmm.. If they can't send it as-is, I'll just have to mail a few more stamps to their office. EDG told me he'd check, so I'll have to wait and see.

And now for the good news.. You can take your panties off now -- just not all the way. Yup, EDG told me we can RP while waiting for the license -- but freeform only. That means no using the dice roller or other game mechanics. If you are going to use a power on someone, for instance, the players must agree consensually whether it succeeds or fails. For simplicity's sake, I recommend using only effects that can't be resisted (unless, of course, someone actually wants to be, say, Balseraphed. Heheheh..)

I'm going to post soon on the rules for Freeform, Honor Code and Judged RP. That will be for when we actually have Judges, of course. Basically, there will be three options, ranging from most player control to least, so it should satisfy a full range of preferences.

I've also been putting in some beachfront rooms.. a lot of pleasure areas and a few not-so-pleasant ones. Feel free to use the ones that are already desced. ;)
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