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Fate and Flowers

Santa Cruz has a thriving occult community, which means there could well be a cabal or two of Sorcerors. I've been thinking of a Tether to Fate, set in a large occult bookstore with a fortune-telling room. (Fortune-telling, in IN, doesn't generally work; only prophets can truly see the future. But, some Servitors of Fate have attunements which allow them to perceive the probable course of Time. And, a Balseraph of Fate with a perceptual resonance attunement could really read peoples' minds..)

SC will also have a Tether to Flowers.. I'm not sure where that's going to be. But it got me to thinking. There are a lot of New Agers in California, and, the occult aspect aside, I think Novalis would, for the most part, approve of the New Age movement -- it's all about sweetness and light and fluffiness, harmony and unity. And, of course, many New Agers believe in Angels.

In the IN universe, most Humans do not have Symphonic potential. Most New Agers will only be able to develop skills like Meditation and Lucid Dreaming, which are mainly harmless and can indeed be beneficial. A few, however, would have the capacity to become Soldiers or even Sorcerors.

I don't think that Novalis would actively promote White Sorcery. Despite her lack of chumminess with Judgement, I doubt that she'd want to tick off Dominic /that/ much. Servitors of Flowers would likely be assigned to keep an eye on the New Agers and steer them in the right direction, keeping them away from the darker side of the occult path. But, there may well be a few White Sorcerors around, willing to work with the Angels.

And Judgement would be keeping a watchful eye on all of this..

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Demons of Fate would be moving in the local Goth community, promoting that cynical, fatalistic attitude and keeping an eye out for mortals with True Potential.

And where Fate is, Destiny cannot be far away.

I really like the potential all of this has to bring in some of the 'deep' Words: Fate, Destiny, and Judgement. Plus, the presence of Sorcerors and a supernaturally-curious mortal community, with many just trembling on the brink of true Awareness, would make for a very active Human sphere -- another thing I like a lot.

Any comments? Please post 'em.
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