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Welcome to Santa Cruz
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in Sotto Voce:Santa Cruz MUSH's LiveJournal:

Thursday, August 26th, 2004
6:02 am
Stephen and Cat's Dinner Date.
Here's some RP featuring Stephen and Catherine. Catherine included a warning, so I think I'd better, too:

Warning: R-Rated and not suitable for those with weak stomachs.
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
5:29 am
The Doctor Is In.
Added new NPC character: Dr. Sonya Nakano. Dr. Nakano is from Kyoto, Japan, and speaks fluent Japanese. She has degrees in both Neurology and Psychology, and is employed in the UCSC psych lab. Currently, she's working on a project investigating the neurological correlates of religious and meditative experience -- exploring the effects that spiritual states have on the human brain. In addition to her research, she also does private practice, specializing in helping people with neurological disorders and injuries. Dr, Nakano has a warm, friendly, polite manner and likes to meet new people.

Areas Currently Built:

Downtown: Pacific Avenue, Mission Street, and Bay Street (built by Catherine).

Beachfront: Beach Street, Main Beach, Wharf, Boardwalk, Beach Street Cafe, Cocoanut Grove.

Beach Flats: Riverside Ave., Raymond St. and Leibrandt Ave.

Mission Hill: Mission Plaza, Mission Hill State Historical Park, Holy Cross Church.

I'm going to be doing the University next, so let me know if there are any spots there you'd like to see.

Current Mood: Accomplished
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
4:44 am
Progress Report.
Hey folks. We have the ORC license now, so feel free to RP and use the dice roller if you wish. I'll try to be around for RP in the evenings if anyone is interested.

I have the beachfront finished and almost all of Beach Flats. I just added some rooms to Mission Hill. If anyone has seen the interior of Holy Cross Church or knows where I can find a picture of it, I'd appreciate if you'd help me out. I found pictures of the outside, but not the inside.

I've been looking at the UCSC website recently. It's a very large, complex campus with lots of beautiful and fascinating features. I'm trying to decide now which parts to include on the grid. If anyone has any preferences, please let me know. The Science Hill area will definitely be in, and I will probably include a few other campus rooms.

Current Mood: Happy
Friday, March 26th, 2004
1:16 am
Consent Rules
I <3 my text-to-html program. :) :) You can get a copy for free at: http://www.bitbucketheaven.com/downloads/text2html.shtml
To use it, you'll also need to download the program TclKit, also free. Just follow the link on the page.

Anyway, I just finished my draft of the Consent system. Have a look, and tell me what you think:

I'm also going to write up some stuff on the Honor Code, but we won't be able to use that until we're mechanics-enabled again.
Thursday, March 25th, 2004
1:22 am
Well, still no ORC license yet. It may be delayed even longer, because.... err, because I may not have put enough postage on my SASE. *blushes* Hmm.. If they can't send it as-is, I'll just have to mail a few more stamps to their office. EDG told me he'd check, so I'll have to wait and see.

And now for the good news.. You can take your panties off now -- just not all the way. Yup, EDG told me we can RP while waiting for the license -- but freeform only. That means no using the dice roller or other game mechanics. If you are going to use a power on someone, for instance, the players must agree consensually whether it succeeds or fails. For simplicity's sake, I recommend using only effects that can't be resisted (unless, of course, someone actually wants to be, say, Balseraphed. Heheheh..)

I'm going to post soon on the rules for Freeform, Honor Code and Judged RP. That will be for when we actually have Judges, of course. Basically, there will be three options, ranging from most player control to least, so it should satisfy a full range of preferences.

I've also been putting in some beachfront rooms.. a lot of pleasure areas and a few not-so-pleasant ones. Feel free to use the ones that are already desced. ;)
Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
1:28 am
SC's Sin District!
Currently, I've been researching the 'red light' areas in Santa Cruz. There are two.. Barson Street, in the River Flats area, and Beach Flats in the city's south, a neighborhood almost uniformly described as 'seedy'. It's a favorite vacation spot for Servitors of Lust, Drugs, and Death, and one of the few places in town where Malphans might feel comfortable, not only as the site of conflicts between rival drug gangs but of controversy for the city as a whole.

Beach Flats is adjacent to one of the rooms already on the grid, so I'm going to put in two rooms in that area, then continue on to the beach and waterfront. It's crossing my mind now that I may not be able to fit in all the rooms I'd like while on the Saminga site, so I may have to hold off on some of them until we get our own site.

On other developments: My request for the ORC license will be put in the mail tonight. But, don't take your panties off yet. I just sent in an SASE, and SJgames will have to send me the actual documents, which I will then sign and send back to them, and then they'll send the final copy back to me. All by US Snail Express! So, it'll probably take a couple weeks or so for everything to get shuffled back and forth. But, never fear, once the license is registered in their office, we can start RP again. :)
Monday, March 8th, 2004
2:57 am
Progress Report
Heyas. This is Wavemaker... I'm going to be in charge of this project now, for the forseeable future. Here's what'll be happening:

1. First, I'm renaming the mush 'Exaltation', from the name of the original mission church around which the city was built -- the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The name will also be a bit ironic *grin*, as the missionizing effort was.. well, a flop.)

However, there doesn't seem to be a way to rename an LJ community, so I will have to either a) Keep the name of this community the same, or b) delete it and start a new one, which would mean everyone on it would have to rejoin. It only takes a couple of clicks, but I'd still rather not put anyone to the inconvenience if they don't want to. So, if you want the new name here on LJ, let me know.

2. In the next couple days, I'll be sending for the ORC license as well as a few tools I'll need to build the mush.. some IN books, and a detailed map of the SC area. I have to get these things by SNAIL MAIL, so please be patient. ;) Once the ORC license is taken care of, RP can (legally!) resume on the grid.

3. Once I have the ORC license, I'm going to advertise on OGR for people to help with coding and construction. My eventual plan is to get a free telnet site from iflipout.com or another free provider, and move the mush there.

4. My first priority will be finishing the grid. The mush will be open for RP in the meantime, and when it's ready to move to the new site, what's already built will be ported over.

More to be posted soon.
Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
2:14 pm
A Thumb of the Nose at Fate
The Beach Boardwalk, a famous seaside amusement park on the shore of Monterey Bay, contains two antique, wooden rides which are still running -- the Giant Dipper, a roller coaster built in 1924, and the Loof Carrousel, built in 1911, with its beautifully carved wooden horses, brass rings and calliope. They are some of the best-maintained rides in the country, preserved in their original form and still safe for riders.

I think that Kronos must /hate/ to see the products of Man's creative work so staunchly resist the forces of time, decay and entropy. Especially if this is a town in which he holds a Tether -- it is a blatant slap in his face.

Would Demons of Fate have tried to destroy the rides -- or at least make people think they are unsafe?
Is the Pope Catholic?
The park must have some strong protectors. Perhaps there is a Cherub of Creation, Protection or Children attuned to the rides.

By the way, I think it is better if these rides are /not/ artifacts or anything supernatural at all. It strikes me as much nicer if their longevity is due to simple, human care and labour.
Monday, February 2nd, 2004
7:05 pm
Behold my arrival!
Yo gang tis I, the artist formerly known as Rush!
In spite of Ellen's scary instructions of confusion, I have come to Live Journal!
Behold as the nose gets poked in the buisness!
Sunday, February 1st, 2004
1:48 pm
Where Do You See a Drunken Shoggoth Singin' the Blues?
On Squid Row, of course. That's where all the down-and-out Lovecraftian Ethereals hang out.

Yes, it's the name of a real street in Santa Cruz.
9:29 am
Hippies and Marine Wildlife
Here's a nice little essay on SC: http://www.epinions.com/trvl-review-2F-110366F5-3A281251-prod4

The 60's, 70's, and 90's exist in a peaceful convergence of realities in these streets. Sitting in one of the coffee houses, the visitor is like to enjoy the company of aging hipsters, beat poets, rich kids out on the town, young bohemians in dreadlocks, smartly dressed dot-commers, buff surfers, and old-family gentry in equal measure.

Hmm. It looks like Flowers won't look out of place here at all, and neither will Creation.

Like many bastions of liberal free-thinking and populist idealogies, Santa Cruz somehow fails to be truly diverse itself: you won't find many Hispanic, African-Americans, or Republicans here.

Uh oh. Too much agreement, is there? This is a job for Factions! :)
If Republicans are rare, I wonder about Libertarians... or Anarchists. Hmmm.
At least Ellen will get lots of people to argue with..

SC also has a National Marine Wildlife Facility, and whale-watching is a popular pastime at the beaches. Hmm.... maybe there /is/ some use for Seraphim of Animals after all. *checks to see if Seraph of Animals includes mammals like whales and dolphins* Yup, it says 'amphibious and marine life'. Heehee. Given how rarely Seraphim of Jordi /ever/ come into play, I think we ought to have one, just for fun. How about a nice Seraphic 'Flipper'?

Everyone loves the king of the sea,
Ever so kind and gentle is he,
Tricks he will do when children appear,
And how they laugh when he’s near!

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
No-one you see, is smarter than he,
And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
Flying there-under, under the sea!

A talking New Age dolphin would be soooo California, wouldn't it? He could be oh-so-preachy and ecologically-correct in his high-pitched, squeally voice, warning those foolish Humans to respect the Earth, or else (Sorry, but that's how I imagine Seraphim of Jordi. Very dogmatic, eco-puritan and annoying. And worse, the dumb thing would look cute.)

What's more, you can't lie in Sonar...
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
11:02 pm
Who Knows Who?
I recall that on the old mush, new Celestials were given a briefing about the other Celestial activity going on in town. I never played a Celestial, so I don't know exactly how that worked. However, I've been thinking that it might help the mush get started if Celestials know a little bit about who is in town.
The way I would do it, I would have each new character know about the Celestials belonging to his own Word, and those of Allied and Associated Words. /Nobody/ would start out knowing about the other side.. discovering one's enemies are would be part of the challenge. I think this would leave enough room for mystery while also facilitating War-oriented RP. Any thoughts?
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
10:13 pm
Fate and Flowers
Santa Cruz has a thriving occult community, which means there could well be a cabal or two of Sorcerors. I've been thinking of a Tether to Fate, set in a large occult bookstore with a fortune-telling room. (Fortune-telling, in IN, doesn't generally work; only prophets can truly see the future. But, some Servitors of Fate have attunements which allow them to perceive the probable course of Time. And, a Balseraph of Fate with a perceptual resonance attunement could really read peoples' minds..)

SC will also have a Tether to Flowers.. I'm not sure where that's going to be. But it got me to thinking. There are a lot of New Agers in California, and, the occult aspect aside, I think Novalis would, for the most part, approve of the New Age movement -- it's all about sweetness and light and fluffiness, harmony and unity. And, of course, many New Agers believe in Angels.

In the IN universe, most Humans do not have Symphonic potential. Most New Agers will only be able to develop skills like Meditation and Lucid Dreaming, which are mainly harmless and can indeed be beneficial. A few, however, would have the capacity to become Soldiers or even Sorcerors.

I don't think that Novalis would actively promote White Sorcery. Despite her lack of chumminess with Judgement, I doubt that she'd want to tick off Dominic /that/ much. Servitors of Flowers would likely be assigned to keep an eye on the New Agers and steer them in the right direction, keeping them away from the darker side of the occult path. But, there may well be a few White Sorcerors around, willing to work with the Angels.

And Judgement would be keeping a watchful eye on all of this..

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Demons of Fate would be moving in the local Goth community, promoting that cynical, fatalistic attitude and keeping an eye out for mortals with True Potential.

And where Fate is, Destiny cannot be far away.

I really like the potential all of this has to bring in some of the 'deep' Words: Fate, Destiny, and Judgement. Plus, the presence of Sorcerors and a supernaturally-curious mortal community, with many just trembling on the brink of true Awareness, would make for a very active Human sphere -- another thing I like a lot.

Any comments? Please post 'em.
4:15 am
Well, I finally got this place up n' running.
I failed the 'Prove You're a Human' test once, and had to redo it. That's better than the first time I tried creating a journal here, however. I failed it about 5 times in a row.
Hm. I should get the Humanity attunement.

Anyway.. introducing Sotto Voce: Santa Cruz. This is a mush created by a group of players from Brass and Steel, an In Nomine mush set in Kansas City. Some of the original characters are continuing their personal plots.. while the threads of Fate and Destiny have woven their way to Santa Cruz, California, bringing together a mysterious conjunction of allies and adversaries.

A Malakite and his mortal companion begin service with a new Word. A hunted would-be Soldier of Factions seeks safety and a new start -- but is likely jumping from the frying pan right into the fire. A Knight of Lust cruises in her luscious new Vessel. And a Lilim of Death comes to town with the girl he plans to love forever... as a Mummy.

And, of course, there is lots of room for new characters, too.

The mu is now open for Soft RP, although the grid is currently still under construction. Ideas and assistance are eagerly being accepted, so if you have any thoughts to add, please feel free to post them here.
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