Wavemaker (wavemaker) wrote in sotto_voce_sc,

A Thumb of the Nose at Fate

The Beach Boardwalk, a famous seaside amusement park on the shore of Monterey Bay, contains two antique, wooden rides which are still running -- the Giant Dipper, a roller coaster built in 1924, and the Loof Carrousel, built in 1911, with its beautifully carved wooden horses, brass rings and calliope. They are some of the best-maintained rides in the country, preserved in their original form and still safe for riders.

I think that Kronos must /hate/ to see the products of Man's creative work so staunchly resist the forces of time, decay and entropy. Especially if this is a town in which he holds a Tether -- it is a blatant slap in his face.

Would Demons of Fate have tried to destroy the rides -- or at least make people think they are unsafe?
Is the Pope Catholic?
The park must have some strong protectors. Perhaps there is a Cherub of Creation, Protection or Children attuned to the rides.

By the way, I think it is better if these rides are /not/ artifacts or anything supernatural at all. It strikes me as much nicer if their longevity is due to simple, human care and labour.
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