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The Doctor Is In.

Added new NPC character: Dr. Sonya Nakano. Dr. Nakano is from Kyoto, Japan, and speaks fluent Japanese. She has degrees in both Neurology and Psychology, and is employed in the UCSC psych lab. Currently, she's working on a project investigating the neurological correlates of religious and meditative experience -- exploring the effects that spiritual states have on the human brain. In addition to her research, she also does private practice, specializing in helping people with neurological disorders and injuries. Dr, Nakano has a warm, friendly, polite manner and likes to meet new people.

Areas Currently Built:

Downtown: Pacific Avenue, Mission Street, and Bay Street (built by Catherine).

Beachfront: Beach Street, Main Beach, Wharf, Boardwalk, Beach Street Cafe, Cocoanut Grove.

Beach Flats: Riverside Ave., Raymond St. and Leibrandt Ave.

Mission Hill: Mission Plaza, Mission Hill State Historical Park, Holy Cross Church.

I'm going to be doing the University next, so let me know if there are any spots there you'd like to see.
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